Reasons to Learn a Second Language

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There are many good reasons to learn a second language and most of them revolve around saving time, effort and possibly money. Others involve giving the child an advantage in finding employment.

Many first languages have been developed to sound alike,

so that English speakers can easily communicate with each other. Children learning English can easily be assimilated into the rest of their country’s society, if they can only communicate in English.

Children learning a foreign language often have a different experience than those learning English. When you are struggling to learn a second language, you could find yourself sitting in your hotel room for hours listening to foreign music and not speaking the language at all.

If your children learn a second language outside of school, the language will have less exposure than English. That can make a difference in how quickly you pick up the new language. If you take a week off and then try to go back, you could find that you have less exposure to a new language.

There is also the issue of learning the new language. Children learn faster when they see and hear their native language every day. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t take advantage of the opportunities for language lessons.

Try to give your children a choice to learn their own native tongue in class, and see how they do. If they want to learn Spanish, English, or another language, but not English, ask your school to accommodate that choice by making sure they can speak in class.

The foreign language will also benefit your child in other ways.

There is no better way to feel proud of your child for being able to speak a second language, than for your child to feel proud for his or her native tongue.

Learning a foreign language is also a great way to develop a connection to the culture of the country in which you live. A person who lives in America may be able to pick up French or German just as easily as they pick up English. A child in China will be able to pick up a language just as easily as one in Canada or Australia.

A second language will open up new opportunities for you and your family. You can take your family on vacation, and have them happy with their knowledge of the language. Imagine learning French on a trip to Paris, and English on a trip to New York.

Your children can learn a second language in a variety of ways. For children, there are private lessons, language school classes, online courses and immersion programs where you send them to a different country for a while, to pick up the language.

In addition to learning another language, some children need the skills to learn to read and write it as well. There are products on the market today that will help your child to learn the language even before they can speak it.

  • The entire family can take advantage of this.
  • Make sure that you can provide the best environment for your child to learn a second language.
  • The more resources available to your child, the better off they will be in their new language.